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Investment, portfolio and project management - Talaia Open PPM
Portfolio and
Project Management
Risk, Change and KPI's management - Talaia Open PPM
Risk, Change
and KPI’s

Designed by and for project managers - Talaia Open PPM
Designed by and
for project
Oriented to PMI and ISO standards - Talaia Open PPM
Oriented to PMI
and ISO
Free Open Source - No license fees - Talaia Open PPM
Open source
No license



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Talaia OpenPPM - No licence Fees - freeNo licence fees

TALAIA OpenPPM, unlike other tools in project portfolio management is affordable regardless the size of your company.
TALAIA OpenPPM does not have a software  license fee.  It is an Open-Source Product. It has a much lower cost than similar tools on the market, both in its standard format (implementation in the company) and as a software as a service (“SaaS”) solution with no installation requirement.
Compared with other similar tools on the market, the total cost of ownership is very small and does not increase in time.

Intuitive, PMBOK guide, Solid Prior Knowledge - Talaia Open PPM

Talaia OpenPPM - No change - Project ManagementNo Change

TALAIA OpenPPM does not require changing your business processes. It is the tool that fits your organization to optimize its daily operations in project management.
TALAIA OpenPPM does not intend to replace planning tools like Microsoft Project ®. Instead, it allows importing a Microsoft Project ® file to load the initial schedule, cost and scope, or to update the control and monitoring.
TALAIA OpenPPM is not a document management tool, although you can register links to document managers which contain documents and folders of the project. TALAIA OpenPPM also allows you to export information to PDF and Microsoft Excel ®.

Adaptation, Updating, PDF and Excel Export - Talaia Open PPM

Talaia OpenPPM - No Delay - Project ManagementNo Delay

Talaia OpenPPM offers high value from the beginning; users begin to manage their projects effectively in less than a month.
Once acquired Talaia OpenPPM standard services, the waiting time to start using it is limited, it only requires the implementation and customization of the tool to your business.
Even quicker, if you acquire the solution as a service (Saas), the customer receives a user and password and can start working instantly.

Effectiveness, High Quality, Instantly SAAS Service - Talaia Open PPM

Talaia OpenPPM - No invention - Project ManagementNo Invention

TALAIA OpenPPM follows PMI (Project Management Institute) standards, primarily the PMBOK (Project Management Body of knowledge), soon to be the standard ISO 21500.
The PMBOK ® Guide is a “de facto” worldwide standard in project management, used effectively and in the end being a “common language”.
Quantitative Control: TALAIA OpenPPM uses the EVM Standard (ANSI 748) to measure actual cost and time deviation, and to consider future implications.
For a quantitative control on subcontractors, you can use KPIs and measure your provider progress and performance using pre established agreements objectives and criteria.

Common Language, Qualitative Control, Measurement target - Talaia Open PPM

Talaia OpenPPM - No learning curve - Project ManagementNo Learning Curve

TALAIA OpenPPM is very intuitive and easy to use for people not related to the Project Management Institute, you learn it as you use it. In addition, for certified PMP ®, CAPM ® or for those who have knowledge of the guide of the basics of project management PMBOK, the tool is fully consistent with the knowledge learned.

Intuitive, PMBOK guide, Solid Prior Knowledge - Talaia Open PPM

Talaia OpenPPM - No exclusion - Project ManagementNo Exclusion

In TALAIA OpenPPM we are strongly aware that projects are not isolated but team managed within the organization. The most important role being the Project Manager, there are 9 more roles, and each one with access to the appropriate view information.
TALAIA OpenPPM is a multi-user tool that includes all people and their roles / profiles within the company. In TALAIA OpenPPM we say there are 8 +2 roles with 8 roles focused actively on the management of each project, with writing permissions to modify the information, and 2 more roles, with read-only permissions, the Stakeholder and Portfolio  Manager.

10 diferent roles, Multiuser, Management Team - Talaia Open PPM

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